E. Eugene Hawkins 1916 Model 22

1916 Milburn Light Electric
Side photo Front photo
Photos courtesy of Remy and Betty Baker
Owner: Unknown (was Elisha "Remy" Baker)
Email: TBD (was tricar-at-charter.net)
Location: TBD (was Liberty, SC)
Serial number (frame stamp): 2-xxx-2 
Motor number (title): 455182
Body number (square plate): 193
Model: 1916 Milburn Light Electric model 22
Wheels: Wood
Color: Peacock Blue, with black upper body, black running gear, and blue wheels
Seating capacity:  
Steering control: Lever (tiller)
Speed control: Lever
Top speed:  
Forward speeds:  
Reverse speeds:  
Length overall:  
Width overall:  
Height overall:  
Tires: 33x4 Universal
Brake systems:  
Curb weight:  
Instrumentation: Stewart Speedometer has date code "K8" --- August 1918.  This suggests that the Speedo was replaced.
Drive train: Worm
System voltage:  
Additional features:  
Price, new:  
Prior Owner's remarks: We "collected" antiques for over 57 years and, when it was time to retire, we tried to pull everything  we had collected from storage around the country, and opened a museum.  We have  the largest varied collection in the south - 20 vehicles (a number we have owned for between 25 and 50 yrs), motorcycles, a barber shop, traveling dentist office, general store, a grange hall, a seven room house filled with antiques and, of course, the Milburn Electric.  Remy has a lot of fun talking about our cars; he gives a guided tour which takes about 1 hours, unless it is a car person and then they just keep talking while Betty gets the coffee or sodas.  It is a most enjoyable hobby, cars, that is, and antiques in general.
-Remy and Betty Baker

Research Notes (by M.Twete): Remy purchased this Milburn from a broker in Massachusetts, who purchased it from an antique dealer in New York, and there's a plaque on the dash that bears the name "Tom McDonald".  Based on color, markings, NY license plate and other factors, this car is undoubtedly the E. Eugene Hawkins Milburn that was donated to the Long Island Automobile Museum in the 50's and resided there until the 80's, when it was sold at auction and disappeared.  This car has been mentioned in numerous newspaper articles over the several decades that the Hawkins' owned it (Mr. Hawkins bought it new as a wedding gift for his new wife in 1916) and appeared in Horseless Carriage Gazette, Automobile and the Standard Catalog of American Cars.  This is a Model 22 car based on its purchase in early 1916, its motor# and body#.

27Apr14 Update: Hemmings shows this car for sale for $53.5k by Hyman Ltd.  The car no longer shows the NY license plate.  It's not known whether Hyman did a restoration on this car or not.  As this is one of the most historically documented (articles, postcards, etc.) Milburn, it is too bad that the history of this vehicle is not noted in the Hyman ad as it would surely help to note that it's only had about 5 owners and that much or all of its ownership history is documentable.

11 Jul 15 Update: Hemmings no longer lists the car for sale---presumably sold.

26 Jan 2018 Update: From an article on the E. Eugene Hawkins car from 10 Oct 1941 Deming, New Mexico---the car had over 70,000 miles on it already!