Tampa Bay Auto Museum's 1922 Model 27L

1922 Milburn Light Electric (more photos)
Photo courtesy of James Cousens
Owner: Tampa Bay Auto Museum (since 2012, owned by Alain and Elisabeth Cerf)
Email: info at tbauto.org
Location: Pinellas Park, Florida
Serial number (frame stamp): 2-3175-7   (NJ VIN MIL22231757)
Motor number (title): 1199470
Body number (square plate): 17284 (per wood stampings)
Model: 27L light coupe
Wheels: Houk 25" wire wheels
Color: Milburn blue, with black fenders and trim
Upholstery: Hand done needlepoint cushions, plush mohair trim
Seating capacity: 4 -- Rear seat for 2; auxiliary, fold-down front seats for 2 additional under the windshield
Windows: 6
Steering control: Tiller
Speed control: Tiller
Top speed: 35 MPH
Range: 40 - 50 miles
Forward speeds: 5 (4 speeds with controller, one speed with foot button)
Reverse speeds: 2
Length overall: Bumper to bumper 152", body only 130"
Width overall: 62" at fender width, 53" at center of body
Height overall: 78"
Wheelbase: 105"
Track: 57"
Tires: Firestone 34" X 4" with tubes
Tread: "non-skid" words used as tread design
Brake systems: Contracting and expanding on rear wheels
Curb weight: 1400 lbs. without batteries
Instrumentation: Sangamo amp meter (40 amps) or digital E-meter
Lights: 40-watt headlights & taillight, inside lights, turn signals
Heater: none
Motor: GE classification # GE1085E1W1, 81-volt, 46 amps
Drive train: Worm gear
Controller: Non-arcing rotating drum, 4 speeds forward, 2 speeds reverse
Springs: Semi-elliptical leaf springs, front and back
Axles: 2
Batteries: 6-volt deep cell acid, GP1 size, 8 rear, 6 front (14 total)
System voltage: 84 volts
Charger: Custom-made with Variac, capacity 0-130 amps
Equipment: Electric turn signals, Klaxon horn, Bermuda bell
Price, new: About $2,000

13August2021 UPDATE:
Informed that Tampa Bay Automobile Museum is the actual owner of the car (had this as Olivier and Susan Cerf before).  The museum itself is owned by Alain and Elisabeth Cerf.

14August2018 UPDATE
: Earliest known owner of this Milburn was Forrest R. Clouse of Auburn, Indiana.  He purchased the car around 1929 and kept it until 1962/63.  The car is listed in the 1957 Antique Auto Registry's Milburn section.  It was listed as a 1922, 4.5HP, 4passenger Fully Restored Milburn owned by Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Clouse.  About 1962, Col. Donald E. Wolff purchased the car and kept it himself for 43 years or so.  He then sold it in December 2005 to James Cousens who did a frame-off restore of the car, changing the color from blue w/black fenders and embroidered interior to silver with black fenders, gold interior.  This Milburn was next seen in Houston, Texas, owned by attorney John O'Quinn as part of his collection called O'Quinn's Classic Cars. After O'Quinn's tragic death, the car was sold at auction by RMAuctions in 2012 and has been for several years now in the collection of the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum.

Analysis Note: NJ VIN# MIL22231757: interpret as "MIL"YY-M-SSSS-M: i.e. 1922, Model 27L S/N 3175

Col. Wolff said of the car:

"It had been a national first place winner in Hershey, Pa, and I've had tremendous pleasure with it throughout these years. It took a woman almost 5 years to create enough hand-worked needlepoint to upholster the interior, the remainder of which is a plush mohair. The car also boasts silk curtains and 8-inch crystal vases on either side, usually containing seven sweetheart roses in each.  Eventually, the entire car was rebuilt. And it looks and runs pretty darn well. A real eye-grabber! It has appeared in several local parades and car meets. Since it is so unusual and unique, it always wins First Place or Best in Show.  The only difficulty I've had with the car is that once, a few years prior, while climbing a steep hill, my Sangamo meter burned out. I have tried for years to have it repaired or replaced, but to no avail. A friend and I are trying to install a new state of the art meter, which will give us the information that was formerly supplied by the Sangamo meter along with other interesting data."