The Kosmatka 1923 Model 27L

1923 Milburn Light Electric Model 27L (one of the last production Milburns made)
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Owner: Dr. Roberto Assael, Globo Rojo (Red Balloon) Auto Club Museum
Email: (was:
Location: El Paso, Texas (was in Cedar Park, Texas w/Kosmatkas)
Serial number (oval plate): 2-3284-7
Motor number (title): 1199383
Body number (square plate): #17341 stamped into wood "under passenger seat"?
Model: 1923 Model 27L Brougham
Seating capacity: 4/5 -- Rear seat for 2 or 3; auxiliary, fold-down front seats for 2 additional under the windshield
Steering control: Lever (tiller)
Speed control: Lever
Top speed:  
Forward speeds:  
Reverse speeds:  
Length overall:  
Width overall:  
Height overall:  
Brake systems:  
Curb weight:  
Instrumentation: Stewart Speedometer w/date code of "M5" indicating May, 1920
Lights: Lenses consistent with the claim that 1922 cars had "licensed lenses"
Drive train: Worm
System voltage:  
Additional features: Left and right door windows are lowered by cranks
Price, new:  
6/22/2015 Update: This car was sold June 15, 2015 at the Motostalgia Indianapolis "Brickyard" auction for what appears to be one of the highest prices paid for an early electric: $165k.  Reports indicate that the new owner will place the Milburn in his Globo Rojo car museum in El Paso Texas.

Webmaster Note:
This is the highest S/N known for the remaining pre-GM production Milburns, making it both rare and fairly interesting in that among the later changes Milburn supposedly put in place was what reads as a 3rd hinge on the doors according to the 1923 Model 27L Parts List.  This change was noted in the Parts List as happening with S/N 2-3100-7 and above, yet the O'Quinn 1922 (2-3175-7) has only 2 hinges per door.  If the change actually happened, it could be that it happened before the S/N for Kosmatka's car---and if not, maybe it never did...

Former owner's remarks:
"I don't know the history of the car. I purchased it in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, many years ago."