John de Bruyne's 1918

1918 (Model 27) Milburn Light Electric
Photo by Ollie Batts (more photos)
Owner: John de Bruyne
Email: John de Bruyne []
Location: Trumpington, Cambridge, UK CB2 2LG
Serial number (oval plate): 2-824-7 based on finding "body number of 824 under trim"
Motor number (title): 1117462 (presumed, M111-746-2 stamped into top of frame on LH side front of car and not the original motor)
Body number (square plate):  
Model: Milburn Light Electric
Wheels: Wire
Color: Black, with black running gear
Seating capacity: 4/5 -- Rear seat for 2 or 3; fold-down Model 22 or 27 style front seats
Steering control: Lever (tiller)
Speed control: Lever
Top speed:  
Forward speeds: 4
Reverse speeds: 2
Length overall:  
Width overall:  
Height overall:  
Tread: "Non-Skid"
Brake systems:  
Curb weight:  
Instrumentation: Black Stewart Speedometer (Model 22 or 27 had these)
Heater: No
Drive train: Worm
System voltage:  
Price, new:  
Owner's remarks:

26Oct2012: Body # 824 found by owner.  Presuming the car S/N is nearly the same, will consider this car 2-824-7.  This would be one of the last Model 27 cars made prior to Model 27L production.
Analysis 073010: Stamping in left front of chassis (M1117462) is likely a GE motor# and places this motor as a late 1921 replacement motor for this car---will be able to confirm if motor plaque information is read.  The car itself is a Model 27 (pre 2-900-7) due to (1) black color Stewart speedometer, (2) front seat types, (3) door handles and (4) door stop straps.  Given the Model 27L style door opener, wire wheels with Firestone Non-Skids, best guess is this is not a 1916 or earlier Model 22, but instead a VERY LATE Model 27 to 27L transition car, likely in the 657 thru 895 range.  This car has Model 27L style vertical door opener yet the rest of the door is clearly Model 27 style.  Earlier known Model 27 cars have the horizontal door opener as the Model 15 and 22 cars have.