Hanna/Schaeffer/Bond/Newman Milburn 1922 Model 27L

1922 Milburn Light Electric (more photos)

Kamyshmash (камышмаш/ ) Automotive Museum

Location: Moscow, Russia
Serial number (frame stamp): 2-3174-7
Motor number:
Body number:  
Model: 27L Brougham
Wheels: Steel spoke (silver)
Color: Black, with black fenders and trim
Upholstery: Light blue
Seating capacity: 4 -- Rear seat for 2; auxiliary, fold-down front seats for 2 additional under the windshield
Windows: 6
Steering control: Tiller
Speed control: Tiller
Top speed: 35 MPH
Range: 40 - 50 miles
Forward speeds: 5 (4 speeds with controller, one speed with foot button)
Reverse speeds: 2
Length overall: Bumper to bumper 152", body only 130"
Width overall: 62" at fender width, 53" at center of body
Height overall: 78"
Wheelbase: 105"
Track: 57"
Tires: Universal(?) 34" X 3" with tubes
Brake systems: Contracting and expanding on rear wheels
Curb weight: 1400 lbs. without batteries
Instrumentation: Sangamo amp meter (40 amps), Roller-Smith Voltmeter and Ammeter, Stewart Speedometer (Date Code: "M9" --- 1920, September )
Lights: 40-watt headlights & taillight, inside lights, turn signals
Heater: none
Motor: GE classification # GE1085E1W1, 81-volt, 46 amps
Drive train: Worm gear
Controller: Non-arcing rotating drum, 4 speeds forward, 2 speeds reverse
Springs: Semi-elliptical leaf springs, front and back
Axles: 2
Batteries: None
System voltage: 84 volts
Equipment: Electric turn signals, Klaxon horn, Gabriel Shocks on front axle
Price, new: About $2,000
01Apr2017 Update: It helps to track stories and names.  It turns out that this car is likely another of the most noted cars on the "Missing Milburns" list---specifically, the Jesse Newman car from Chillicothe, Missouri.  Jesse drove his Milburn around a lot and it was seen a lot in the 1954 timeframe.  He reportedly bought the car from the estate of an "old maid" in Waterloo named Agusta Cloud.  She also confirmed that he later sold the same car to Don Porter who may have sold it to someone in Kansas after.
Mar 2017 Update: This Milburn has surfaced in the past year and can be seen in still pics and a nice video clip/interview/driving tour posted on Instagram and YouTube by Russian automobile enthusiast and blogger, Ivan Zenkevich:
The language is in Russian.  It is apparently part of a very large automobile collection in the

Kamyshmash (камышмаш/ ) Automotive Company in Moscow, Russia.



Commentary: While it was sad to learn that yet another Milburn has left to Europe/Asia, it is very good to know that this car is in good hands, has been driven on the road and is available for the public to see.  While in America, this car went from being written about in the 1940's and 1960's to suddenly disappearing for over 30 years since the late 1970's --- that is never good to see, but at least the car was kept in good condition!

Great job, Kamyshamash!

NOTE: While this car may be available for viewing in Moscow as part of their collection, it appears that pretty much all of their collection is available for sale and along with a 1908 Baker and a 1913 Waverley, this car is listed as part of their "GOLD RESERVE"...

17Jan2016 Musing:
Two of the more significant "missing" Milburns
are the George DeLaPlaine Milburns.  George owned a number of early EV's in the '50's, including 2 Milburns per the 1957 registry.  One of them has a S/N listed as a '1911' 5HP, partially restored coupe w/VIN# "1281" and is presumed to mean 212817---a S/N we haven't seen in any remaining cars yet. The other DeLaPlaine Milburn in 1957 was listed as a 10HP fully restored coupe w/motor# 1199652. This GE motor# is in the S/N range corresponding to a 1923 Milburn. Of the known remaining Milburns, only the Hanna/Schaeffer/Bond car 231747 fits the bill given no other 1923 Milburns known to exist that don't already have a history or motor# conflict. Once that car surfaces again and its motor# is checked, we may see if there's a match.

27Jul2015 UPDATE:
It helps to pay attention to details.  The photo above taken in Medford Oregon in 2013 shows this car having what appears to be a Detroit Electric style front bumper (upper and lower elements).  This is the ONLY known existing Milburn sporting such a front bumper.  This bumper stands out: The Stella Hanna Milburn is shown in a 1942 newspaper article photo as having this same bumper.  Further, both of these have the rain shield, wire wheels and most important: 1921+ headlamps (cord comes straight out the back of the lamp).  Most likely then, this car is the Stella Hanna car that has been on our Missing Milburn page.  So this one car turns out to be not just the Schaeffer-Bond former "missing Milburn" but also the Stella Hanna car. Evidently, Estate Tax list of February 10,1953 from Indianola, Iowa shows this car may have been sold in an estate sale of an Agusta Cloud (an 'old maid' at that time).

20Apr2014 UPDATE:
This car has been on our Missing Milburn list since discovering its existence from Milburn literature obtained from museums. It has essentially been "missing" being sold cca 1977 until contact was made with us in 2013. The car sold on Ebay for $25k in April 2014 to A&R Motors of Portsmouth, VA. Prior to this it was in Medford, Oregon, for the past 30 years or so after having been purchased from John and Elaine Bond of Escondido, Ca. in the 1980's.

HCG Mar/Apr 1977, John and Elaine Bond car. Listed as "VG condition, shiny black with silver wheels".
This Milburn was also clearly identified in a letter of July 28, 1967 from Alfred Lewerenz to H.E.Schaeffer of Santa Barbara in 1967 who then owned the car.  Lewerenz noted that it had an odd after-market chrome bumper added.  Lewerenz noted that he could find no other known Milburns in California at that time, though he noted that Harrah's in Reno claimed to have a 1923 Milburn.