Newell Booth's 1917

1917 Milburn Light Electric
Photo by Rick Lane
Postcard image of what is deduced to be this same car in 1980's at Crawford Museum
Owner: Newell Booth
Location: San Diego, Cal.
Serial number (frame stamp): 25967
Motor number (title): 458417
Body number (square plate):  
Model: 1917
Wheels: Wire
Color: Peacock Blue, with black upper body, black running gear, and white wheels
Seating capacity: 4/5 -- Rear seat for 2 or 3; auxiliary, fold-down front seats for 2 additional under the windshield
Windows: Windshield and back glass lower into the body by means of leather straps, and door windows lower by crank, making it a "delightful summer car."
Steering control: Lever (tiller)
Speed control: Lever
Top speed:  
Forward speeds: 4
Reverse speeds: 2
Length overall:  
Width overall:  
Height overall:  
Tires: "Standard"
Brake systems: Dual band, rear axle only
Curb weight:  
Drivetrain: Worm
Controller: GE S141A S/N 292159
System voltage:  
Price, new:  
June 2023 New Information:  Car S/N: 2-596-7.  Also, motor#458417 (was noted as 419 in VIN#).  Controller currently being repaired/maintained to get upper 2 speeds working again.

Former owner's remarks:
2dr, 1917, model 458, 8700 original miles. VIN#458419.  Purchased in about 1995 from a gentleman from Manattee Wisconsin, Douglas Rhode -- sold it for a Polish airplane. He bought from Crawford Museum, Cleveland, Ohio (was an engineering school and museum---only collected Ohio cirs) Curator got rid of cars he didn't want. Every year brings to Henry Ford museum to show off --- Ford Cauffiel

Analysis: So this is the missing Crawford Museum Milburn!  Note, at this time we have no S/N, Body#, etc. for this car, however, note the VIN# of 458419----this is a GE Motor S/N consistent with 1917 Milburns.  Note also that the only other Milburn the Crawford Auto Museum had according to the former curator was a 1922 or earlier one that was there in the 50's, but sold early also.  So it appears that this car has been painted blue since the 1980's and the front bumper no longer appears in the photo of the Cauffiel Milburn.  Crawford Museum curator indicated that they purchased this car from a Frederick Reese (unknown year).  The 1957 Registry of Antique Automobiles shows the "T.P. Museum" as owning a 1917 fully restored Milburn.  The Thompson Products Museum later became the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum part of the WRHS.  Given the restored condition of the Cauffiel car and its same condition when at the museum, and given it is a 1917 as was noted with the T.P. Museum car, we surmise that this car was donated to the museum in the 50's and is the one listed in the 1957 registry:
Thompson Products 1917