Dwight Johnson's 1920 Model 27L

1920 Milburn Light Electric
Photo cropped from Saskachewan auction
Owner: Dwight Johnson
Email: gaarscott-at-gmail-dot-com
Location: BC, Canada
Serial number: 2-1666-7
Motor number: 458345
Body number: 749 (stamped in wood), 9857 (chalk behind seat), 476 (yrProd#?), 8-6 (Prod Date?)
Model: 1920, model 27L
Wheels: Wire
Color: Black, with light color wire wheels
Upholstery: black faux-leather over corduroy and other upholstery
Seating capacity: 4/5 -- Rear seat for 2 or 3; auxiliary, fold-down front seats for 2 additional under the windshield
Windows: Windshield and back glass lower into the body by means of leather straps, and door windows lower by crank, making it a "delightful summer car."
Steering control: Lever (tiller)
Speed control: Lever
Top speed: 25 mph
Range: 75-90
Forward speeds: 4
Reverse speeds: 2
Length overall:  
Width overall:  
Height overall:  
Tires: Firestone "NoSkid"
Tread: "NoSkid"
Brake systems: Dual band, rear axle only
Curb weight: 2,700 pounds
Instrumentation: Sangamo state of charge meter.  Stewart speedometer/odometer purchased used in 2018
Heater: None
Motor: GE1051E14W6, 76v, 33a, 2000RPM per plaque
Drive train: Worm
Controller: GE Drum controller, 12 finger
Batteries: None yet---plan to install modern lithium batteries
System voltage: 84v originally.
Charger: None yet---plan to use modern charger.
Price, new:  
Update 4/14/2019: Owner discovered Date Stamp "JUNE 1919" on topside of right front spring.  This is the first actual dated Milburn factory part identified on one of these cars.  Happy Centennial anniversary to this and all the other 1919/1920 Model 27L's!

Analysis 1/20/2019: The car was purchased at auction in August 2018 from Gervais Farm in Saskachewan.  License plate on car shows "2204 Maine 1915", being a 1915 plate, this is clearly a plate that someone added later and does not necessarily suggest the car was ever owned in Maine.  The car S/N 216667 confirms this to be a 1920 Model 27L car.  Body#9857 also fits well with this being a 1920 Model 27L.  The owner of the car found a note behind the instrument panel in which the former owner noted the car as being owned by Melvin Purvis of South Carolina, the one who captured Dillinger.  News article(s) confirm that Purvis did purchase a Milburn in South Carolina.  The car's black color and black leatherette interior also fit an FBI agent owning the car.  Further, Purvis was very short and this car has extensions on the brake pedals, which fits.
The 458XXX motor# is a 1917/1918 model year motor for a Model 27 car.  We may never know why it ended up with this motor.
Other #s in chalk associated with the Body# are interesting and suggest date and year-prod#.  Stamped number found in the body is odd though #749.  That is a number which fits in the Model 27 body# range, not a number expected for a Model 27L.
The car also appears to have had some sort of bumper up front given the remaining brackets which suggest a round cross-section bumper?
Firestone "Noskid" tires are also part of the picture.