Unknown (was p/o Dick's Classic Car Garage ) FrankenMilburn

1917 Milburn Light Electric (license shows 1918)
Photo courtesy of the Google
Owner: Unknown --- was Dick's Classic Car Garage
Email: Unknown...was Dick Burdick [dick.burdick-at-hermon.com ]
Location: San Marcos, Texas
Serial number (frame stamp): 2-381-7
Motor number (title): TBD
Body number (square plate): 5375 (wood stampings)
Model: 27
Wheels: Steel spokes
Color: White or beige with burgundy fenders (?)
Seating capacity: 4
Windows: 6
Steering control: Tiller
Speed control: Lever
Top speed:  
Forward speeds: 4
Reverse speeds: 2
Length overall:  
Width overall:  
Height overall:  
Tires: White wall Universal 33x4 ?
Brake systems: Dual band
Curb weight:  
Drivetrain: Worm gear
System voltage:  
Price, new:  
2018 October Update (by Myles Twete): This lovely car sold at Hershey this month for $57.5k.  As part of the advertisement for this sale, some pictures online made clear for the first time a couple problems with this restoration.  First, there's the obvious: The side lamps---this is the only Milburn known or in any known photos of other Milburns to have these sidelamps (unless it were a true Milburn Limo, which it is not).  Second, the front seats are clearly 1919-1924 style Model 27L "disappearing" folding seats.  This makes some sense given we know the body# is 5375, a number typical for a 1919 Model 27L and NOT a 1917/18 Model 27.  The car clearly had a frame-off-restoration more than a decade ago.  And so it appears that a 1919+ Model 27L body was mated to a 1917 Model 27 chassis.  But there's one more issue: The doors.  The inside door handles are unlike any other Milburn known except perhaps the 1915 Model 15 coupes.  Not that they aren't typical of the period, but they are definitely not typical of other Model 27 or Model 27L cars known.  And so, this is somewhat of a Franken-Milburn, though a very pretty one :-).  It would be nice if the new owner of this car shares more information on it.

Research Notes (by Myles Twete):
This car has original Milburn diamond tube bumpers and has what appears to be the only Milburn with side door entry (limo style) lamps above and to the rear of the door.  History of this car was not provided by either Dick's Classic Car Garage, Dick Burdick or the Central Texas Automobile Museum.  From a photo of the Milburn's display, this Milburn is noted as being "on loan from Mr and Mrs. Ken Downing of San Marcos, Texas and Mr and Mrs Dick Burdick, Rosansky, Texas."