Grandma Duck French Cartoon Translation

Frame-by-frame translation of Grandma Duck cartoons

Frame # Speaker French dialogue English translation
1 Grandma Je veux que tu ailles chercher Fifi, Riri et Loulou a la gare! Ils arrivent par le 5 H 15! I want you to go get Fifi, Riri and Loulou at the station! They arrive on the 5:15!
Gus Bien, Grand-Mere! Good, Grandma!
2 Grandma Tu crois que ca va vraiment marcher? You think it will really work?
3 Grandma C'est un sacre' cadeau, mais je vais aller lui en commander une en ville! This is a damned gift, but I will go order him one in town!
4 Grandma Si je m'attendais a te Trolivar la Balthazar! Yes, If I was waiting for Trolivar and Balthazar!
Gladstone On dirait une reunion de famille! One would say a family reunion!
5 Grandma Regarde! Tu vas etre content! Look!  You are going to be happy.
Gus Chlurp! Cha, ch'es chuper! Slurp!  That it is super! (With his mouth full).
6 Grandma Ah! C'est ici! Ah! It is here!
7   (frame is illegible)  
8 Donald Cette voiture... oui! C'est Grand-Mere Donald et Gus! Je vais leur demander s'ils n'ont rien remarque' d'anormal! That car...yes! It is Grandma Donald and Gus! I'll go ask them if they didn't notice anything strange!
9 Grandma Mon dieu! Qu'est que c'est que ca? My god! What is that?
10 Grandma C'est agreable d'aller faire des courses, Gus, mais c'est encore mieux de rentrer. It is good to go shopping, Gus, but it is better to return.