Brian Ruf's 1921 Model 27L Chassis

1921 Milburn Light Electric Model 27L (frame only, was suspected earlier as possibly being a Model 151 or Roadster)
Chassis S/N stamped into top of right front corner of chassis
Photo of top of right front corner of chassis, showing car/chassis S/N 221267 --- Photo by Brian Ruf
Owner: Brian Ruf
Location: Reno, Nevada
Serial number (frame stamp): 2-2126-7 (this is a 1921 series S/N)
Motor number (title): 458491 (this is an early Model 27 motor number)
Body number (square plate):  
Model: 1921 Milburn Light Electric model 27L
Seating capacity:  
Steering control:  
Speed control:  
Top speed:  
Forward speeds:  
Reverse speeds:  
Length overall:  
Width overall:  
Height overall:  
Brake systems:  
Curb weight:  
Drive train:  
System voltage:  
Additional features:  
Price, new:  
Owner's remarks: The motor and controller were taken out of the frame when it was converted into a hay wagon in Ohio. When I purchased the parts, I never got the controller or anything from the frame up. I am still not sure if the frame is for a Roadster. All I have to go by is that the holes don't line up with the Coupe that my father owns.  The only proof I have that Milburn really did build a Roadster is ads from the Milburn Co., featuring artist renderings, which may or may not be from a real object. The only information I have on the car is the number off the motor (#458491), which will be printed in Chuck Murphy's Antique Electric Vehicles newsletter, along with the numbers from other Milburn cars that I have either seen or talked to the owners. I have parts books for the Model 15 and 151 which shows all the parts for the Coupe and Roadster, but it doesn't say who manufactured the parts on the steering mechanism. Brian Ruf

Research Notes 10/09/09: The Model 15 and 151 chassis would have been the same.  Given this one is different than Ruf's 1915 Model 15 Coupe, suspicion was that this might instead be a Model 27(L).  After inspecting the frame for a S/N stamp in the forward right hand corner, the number 221267 was discovered by Brian.  With this information, it is clear that this frame is originally from a 1921 Model 27L Brougham (or perhaps a Model 27F?).